Fly Board Ride in Dubai


Play on top of the water and dive in like a seabird.

Have you ever wanted to hover over the water like a superhero? Well, there is no stopping you now, as flyboarding, Luxury Yacht Rental provides you with an opportunity to fly.

A flyboard gives you the luxury of swimming like mermaid, flying up into the air with the elegance of Iron Man and jumping out of the water like a dolphin. With all these experiences, there is nothing that should stop you from having a great time on a flyboard.

Luxury Yacht Rental offers you a good opportunity of experiencing a ride up one, By renting a flyboard with us we will get you into the top of the sea.
the luxury of flying over the blue waves of the gulf sea.

flyboarders can jump, swim and flap their way across the ocean and gliding through the water with unparalleled grace. To get good experience always listen to your trainer and never forgot to wear safety gear.

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