About Us

Luxury Yachts Rental offers water sports such as Jet Ski,Banana boat, Donuts Ride, and Fly board with our luxurious yachts. When you are in the middle of the sea and you don’t see anything you feel lonely and a little bit afraid of what might gonna happen. That is why our company choose the name Color of the Sea. Meaning make the aqua blue horizon sea into more colorful themes by means of putting luxurious and exciting colorful water sports in the middle of the sea. So that when one sees it, they will feel hope and excitement seeing something colorful at the sea. Seeing interest with a smile in ones face means making them happy and glad upon seeing a deviation of color in the sea.

Our Company started way back four years ago with its company name COLOR OF THE SEA. Starting from only one boat, one captain and one crew. For the first timer company, it is quite hard to do it and see success in it, but with much effort, teamwork and hardworking staff and owner, the company started making the company grow bigger. As every positive thinker believe nothing is impossible. So the company started to add number of staffs, as well as yachts and other products which the customer really love and enjoy.

After so, the company then change its name from Color of the Sea into LUXURY YACHT and BOAT RENTALS. Now after four years of struggle and still working hard, the Luxury Yachts Rental has an additional offers which everyone will enjoy and make those moments unforgettable.

We offer water sports such as Jet Ski, Banana boat, Donuts Ride, and with our Luxurious yachts. The Guest can choose which yacht they would like depending on their needs. We have the yachts ranging from 40 feet to 85 feet, with the capacity from two to thirty-five person. With unlimited refreshment, water and ice. With additional charge one could order foods and light barbecue, or they can just bring their own food. Decorations and other services is also being offered by the company depending on the deal they arranged with Luxury Yachts Rental. May it be for fishing trips, fun cruise, special occasions, weddings, parties and everything a guest would want to do in his/her trip. Guest can book anytime of the day. We are operating 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

The company Luxury Yacht Rental/Color of the Sea is proud seeing people with a smile in their faces after taking our products. We are happy serving people. 
So what are you waiting for? Booked now and experience the most exciting Dubai water adventure that will surely add color to one’s life. With our deals and package you would definitely don’t want to miss.

Our Vision

Is to be the first choice in yacht charter and water sports rental in UAE

Our luxury service supports this vision by offering a wide array of yacht charter packages at prices so competitive that everybody will be able to afford them.

Our Mission

Is to provide a luxury yacht experience for everyday.

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