Shooting In The Yachts


It is a genial idea to practice shooting on boats and yachts to get used to the shaky boat motion rather than experiencing it for the first time. This also goes for using the go pro in a water situation as well. You found it challenging to film smooth dolly shots while the boat was moving. Your tip would be to film these shots while the boat was anchored. It will be a different experience that you can enjoy it by day or by night the views gone be amazing.

Luxury Yachts rental


Don’t be afraid about your staff and equipment how to keep it because you have a safe place inside the boat you can store the majority of your equipment. Luxury Yachts Rental will be there to help you .

When it’s not in use you can store in your bag. Remember you’re going to have risks to your equipment like the ocean water and intoxicated people. Don’t leave your camera lying around on the boat if you’re not using it.
Shooting in Yachts

Actually, shooting the boat is a wonderful experience that you can try it ever because it is totally different from any other kind of shooting it is something that you really can enjoy every single moment in it when you will try it you can only understand what we mean.


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